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Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall on the Whitehorse Trail~

Leaving the trail-head
Another sunshine Fall day!  Grandson Ben was planning on a weekend visiting us - so it gave me an excuse to bring Farah & ride the trail.  The first glimpse was nothing but golds, reds & yellows!
The colors were so outstanding & it was warm!
The Stillaquamish River~
The river & creeks we crossed - were Way down!  No wonder the fishermen are complaining that the salmon aren't coming up.  Not enough water & this after all the rains we'd had earlier.
One of the three bridges ~
On the six-mile section of trail that is currently open - there are three nice bridges, two with wide, thick wood planking & another with concrete.  The wood bridges had a nice layer of sand over the top - so no slipping at all!
Gold lace through the white trunks
With some of the trees already devoid of their leaves, it gives the vine maple room to shine.
Whitehorse in the background~
For only a six + mile stretch of trail, it's a photographer's paradise.
Heading back
The only downside of these days are the length!  The shadows seem to get long well before they should be!  Farah set a nice pace - averaging 6.9 over the full distance & as you can see - we did make a lot of photo stops!  :-)

The best part of the day's ride though - was when we found some little gremlins on the trail!  Two little girls & their mommy!  Mommy had peddled her bike & the girls had a Great ride in the back!  Farah recognized them right away!   These were Our Gremlins!  :-)
Skyla gets a ride back!
Skyla was fine with getting a ride on Farah back to the trail-head, which lightened the load for mommy - peddling on the uphill direction of the 3% grade :-)  We met brother Ben who had walked over from school!  What a fun day we had!

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