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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Between Storms~

On our way~
It was one of those days when the weather was a strange mix.  One of the advantages of living in the same place for a long while - is that you get a idea of how to read the weather in your immediate area.  I watched the little edge of blue sky move my direction from the south, once the rain changed to drizzle.   There was even a sun-break about noon, so I hurried to saddle-up but didn't make it before the clouds came back.
This lower gate has been open for a while~
We took the trail that's usually closed by a stock gate - just to check.  It was laying off to the side, off the hinges - but still locked.  I've seen several dirt bikes coming over to my side of the power lines.
Looking north
We came up from the south today & headed up to the north end.  It's no surprise to us who have lived in the great Northwet any length of time, that this September has broken the record for the rainiest!
The large wetland was beautiful, cattails looked perfect for arranging in a fall bouquet!
The Sun!
The sun appeared just as we arrived at the growing piles of debris that someone is dumping up here.
Upper end of our north loop
We took it easy today, Farah's feet still tender from having the pads removed & plenty of long blackberry vines that have been in our face - to cut back.  We even found many ripe, rain washed berries to eat!
Sunshine as we head back
We stayed out at our break spot for a while, soaking up the sun, then made the turn for home.  At one place under the power lines, a homeowner from the west side has claimed a section & fenced it off.  Whether leased or not I don't know - but plan to ask when I see them out.
Crab Apple
I'd been admiring this tree from afar, so rode up to it today to see what it was.  A crab apple, which instantly made me hungry for crab apple jelly!  Maybe time to find a place to plant one!  We stopped by Pat's on our way home - but could see a big black cloud moving in!  Once in our gate, Farah & I had to run for the barn to  beat the downpour! 

P.S.  I've been using the new pad on Farah & today when I pulled it off - she hadn't even broken a sweat.  It seems to be doing Great & I swear & can feel a difference too!

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