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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Island Time~

Coast of Whidbey Is. from Deception Pass State Park
Before "Endurance" & before horses in general, we used to do a lot of camping!  Lately - the draw of camping with only the bikes & the dogs has gained a certain allure.  With the convenience of having such an incredible place to visit, such a relatively short distance from home, (100-mile round-trip) it's easy to take advantage & go!
850-year old tree~
On our hike down the beach, we came upon this tree - with the informational sign below~
Saving a tree~
It was an incredible feeling to walk to the base of this tree & know that it had been holding this spot on the planet for such a very long time.   We were so lucky to have such nice weather!  We rode our bikes all over camp - lots of short steep hills & I have to say that I was a little relieved when my bike got a flat!  :-)
Nika enjoys the new place~
That put us on foot again & of course the dogs came with us.  The campground had a lot of visitors from Canada - lots.  This is the second time we've become aware of the many, many Canadian residents who come down to WA for their camping fun.  This summer when we were at Peregrine Lake, I had to go over after ten p.m. to ask a large group of them to quiet down.  When you can hear every word of a camp conversation & know how many drinks each person has had - it gets a little irritating - especially if you're one of the growing minority of people who enjoy "quiet".
Surf & Rock
We were lucky the first night, after at least five jets took off, it actually got quiet enough that we could hear the rocks rolling in the surf.  The stars were like diamonds against a dark sky & it got cold!
The sunset was spectacular, something that Whidbey Island is famous for...
Coral hydnum fungi
Interesting fungi, edible too - though I doubt I'd have the nerve!  So lacy & beautiful!   No flowers this time of year, but plenty of amazing looking fungi & mushrooms on the trails!  Our anniversary weekend went quick!  We spent our honeymoon at Cannon Beach, OR.
At Cannon Beach~
Then - returned there for several years - until it the town & the beach became more discovered...  When we had to wait in long lines for our haystack rolls - it was time to quit.
Now, it's easier - more restful & fun too, to just kick-back & enjoy island time...

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