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Monday, June 30, 2014

Fruit's of our Labor~

Blazing Blue Skies!
The morning was already warm - trying to change to Hot!  Joyce wanted to head out & see what work we'd all accomplished on Sunday.  We started out the loop in reverse & went right past where we'd parked & starting hiking.  We also turned onto the "bridge" trail with Joyce in the lead.  I didn't have caution tape - but was willing to follow wherever Joyce wanted to go.  As we dropped down the little trail & got within sight of the bridge (Now that we've clipped it wide open.) Jesse refused & turned back!  Both Joyce & I were surprised, since he'd been tied to the tree all the while we were getting out.  Joyce turned him forward a second time & again he refused!  Smart boy!  Must figure that there's a horse eating troll under that bridge that spit Farah back out! 
The views~!
We decided to turn back, continuing forward on the ridge trail that we'd also cleared.  So Nice!  It was surprising how long our work lasted before we hit the spot where we quit & the shrubbery had grown almost as high as the saddles!  Joyce wanted to take us around to see where we might access this area from the back side.
Jackson takes advantage of the water~
This decommissioned logging road - keeps us from getting to where we'd hoped to go...  It's a shame that they have to make this kind of mess to keep motorized traffic out...  Still - with keys & with more hiking - we might be able to get through.
Another cleared trail!
As we continued our ride, we were thrilled to find yet another trail that had been weed-whacked!  Nice!  Very Nice!  The greenery through here was so thick, that it's hard to tell the work was done.  It's a major trail that goes in/out of the Morgan Horse Club area - so used by riders often.
Sunshine & Daisy's
We've decided to forgo Renegade.  The reason's for staying home outweighed the ones for going.  Traffic, when my husband deals with it for hours weekly - didn't excite us - especially traveling ON the fourth.

The Chiropractor that I'm now seeing has convinced me... & my husband agreed after seeing my x-rays - that I need to concentrate on healing my neck - before I get too carried away with my usual need for speed!  :-)  As a bonus - he's going to work on Farah too!  I've thought of having her checked out - just as a preventative, for a while now & after our fall is the perfect time for us both. Dr. Goodwin believes that once my neck is better I'll no longer have the problems with dizziness/sea sickness, when riding for long hours.  That would be GREAT!

So, we'll spend the holiday with friends - kicking back & relaxing!  Novel!

P.S.  Lest you think the extra $ I paid for pads has gone to waste... Ms. Farah was bouncing up the roads yesterday - bouncing!  I asked Joyce to find us a hill & that helped...  but obviously - the pads with some frog support are the way to go!  :-)

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