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Monday, June 9, 2014

Fallin' off a Bridge~

An Incredible Day!
The day, was just stellar!  Cool, breeze, fluffy white clouds, blue skies - nothing finer!  Joyce & I had planned to ride & I was Not disappointed in the direction we took out of the Morgan Horse Club.  Both horses were working so well for us! 
Meadow of Foxglove
I'd been wanting to see the blooming foxglove & since Joyce had been this way over the weekend, they were in bloom!  We were talking about how darn lucky we are to have the ways & means to do the riding we do - in the beautiful places we have right out our proverbial back door!
Joyce & Jesse
We'd also remarked on how overgrown the trails were getting.  We came to a trail that Joyce wanted to check out, someone had done some light pruning on the Salmonberry.  Farah was in the lead, we'd already had a really nice gallop, both horses had jumped a large dead log that had fallen across the Ridge Trail & we were just walking along.  We'd crossed one small bridge & only gone maybe another 50-feet when suddenly - as Joyce said later - we disappeared from in front of her!
Where we went over~
It was crazy how fast it happened, one instant we were moving through the thick Salmonberry growth  the next - Farah slammed to the creek bed on her right side, me still in the saddle.  As she started to try to regain her feet, I freed myself & started crawling as fast as I could to get clear of her.  (I worried that if hurt - she would start thrashing & I've seen what destruction a horse in pain can cause!)  Once clear, I looked back to see her standing on all four feet.  I CAN NOT tell you how much fear was flowing through my veins at the though of her being possibly injured.  But - as I got close to her - I could tell that she was OK & looking at me with a "What do we do now?" expression.
Our position - not good...
I could hear Joyce, but wasn't making much sense of what she was saying.  She tied Jesse off & was busting through the brush to get to us.  The bank was between 4-5 feet high & crumbling.  After some reconnaissance work - Joyce found a spot where she thought Farah might have a chance of getting out.
One big mess~
I had the tops taken off three of the knuckles on my left hand - blood everywhere.  My right elbow had taken a good hit when we landed, Farah had some nicks on her face & two small marks on her hind legs - that had gotten tangled in roots, but otherwise looked fine & was fully alert.  Joyce found a spot where she started breaking branches & clearing up the hill that we hoped Farah would be able to climb.  (Joyce thought to ask me what Farah's heart rate was...  I looked down at my Garmin & it was reading 74!)  Here she is stuck in a deep creek bed & was that Calm!  Also told us that she was probably OK.  I climbed up, stood by a big Cedar & told Farah to come.  As I've watched her do before - but not in such dire circumstances, she reared onto her hind legs & made a huge jump & was up.  The bank was soft & full of holes, she was sinking in, but it was only a few feet to the trail.

I pulled out my little emergency kit, wrapped my fingers, knocked some mud off Farah & got back on.  We were only a few miles out from the trailers, so no big deal to ride.  Farah was fine, actually trying to nip Jesse on the butt - so I knew she was OK.
Back at the trailers~
Once back, the adrenalin had worn off, but I felt fine to drive - so I called Butch & headed for home.  Linda's saddle is a little bit muddy...  just a little...  I took the tack off, then gave Farah a warm bath - running my hands over her from top to bottom & finding nothing but a small scratch on her hind leg.
At Home~
Butch made record time getting home & found me still in my riding clothes covered with mud, but with a clean horse, now happily grazing in her pasture.

I don't know how many ways I can say; "Thankful" - but I am...  Someone was looking out for us today - our stars were in alignment.  Neither of us were seriously hurt & we rode out.  That - ALWAYS makes for a Good Ride!


  1. Wow! So glad you were both okay. Scary!

  2. OMG ... Soooo glad to hear no one (person or horse) was hurt. This could have been devastating. Yikes! "Whew" ... My adrenaline just went up reading about it.

  3. Okay, wow, touch! Glad you're ALL okay.

  4. Whew! So glad you are both OK!

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience. Yikes.

  6. How terrifying! It's amazing how fast stuff like that happens :( Ozzy fell off a wooden bridge in winter once. Thankfully, I was leading him on foot, not riding him at the time. I'm so glad you and Farah are both ok. Yikes!

  7. Ack, so scary! But what a good, good girl Farah is :) Glad you're both ok.


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