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Friday, June 6, 2014

Beach Trip - Day 4 ~

10 a.m. & heading out!
Here it was...  already our last day...  Each day was so nice, that no one could believe that our time here had gone so fast!  Everyone was riding, eating, visiting & not even wanting to Think about heading home.
Justin & his Morgan!
Justin had brought his buggy & seeing his Gorgeous Morgan pulling it was a sight!  He'd hoped to get it down to the beach- but there just wasn't access - instead - he toured camp!

 Since it was the day the California Chrome was to race in the Belmont - we made plans to go a restaurant/bar in Manzanita to watch the race!
Janelle insisted on our nose strips!  For Luck!
 Well...  We were all disappointed...  The food & beer were great & we had fun!  Heading back to camp - everyone wanted to get out on the beach at least one more time.
Trail to the beach~
It was getting late & the tide was coming back in - sand now too deep for any fast gallops.  I was disappointed that we didn't have the low evening tides that we'd enjoyed last year.
Farah & Connie
We still did a couple short runs, there was a large cloud bank that obscured the sunset, but even so - the end of the day at the coast is - like nowhere else...

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