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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Beach Trip - Day 1 - To Nehalem ~

On the road~9:45 a.m.
Several of us met-up at Clearview to caravan to Nehalem, OR.  Traffic, as per usual in the greater Seattle area - was...  traffic.  We were just behind the worst of it, so just kept moving south.
10:15 We head out onto I-5
After taking I-405, we made the turn back onto I-5.  The overcast day made for perfect driving weather.  Before long - it was time to fuel up.
Longview & logs
As many times as I've been past, I was still amazed at the stacks of logs waiting to ship out.  Stacks & stacks & stacks...  You've got to wonder how much more we can cut before it's all gone?
12:35 p.m. The bridge looked spiffy with it's new coat of paint!
There was plenty of boat traffic on the Columbia.
Columbia River
We'd hardly crossed over into OR before the clouds started burning off & the sun appeared!
Taking up space at the Antacortes Safeway!
 We always make a last stop at Safeway for all those items that we've forgotten, or decide that we really need before making the final leg of the trip to the campground.
3 p.m.First view of the OR coast~
Seeing those first views of the coastline always gets my heart pounding!  Sheer excitement at the though of having a few days to just kick back & enjoy our friends, our horses & the amazingly scenic Oregon coastline.

It's just a short hop from here to our camp!  Janelle always has our paperwork in order & we were through the check-in without any delays.  Each of us has a pre-designated camp spot - so we all find ours & start setting up.  Even though the sun was shining & warm, the wind was blowing & it felt cold to those of us not used to it.
3:30 p.m. Our spot for the next few days!
We'd planned a pot-luck dinner, so I stared warming the Taco Soup & Cornbread!   After dinner, it was already 8 p.m. & the tide was coming in - so I decided to walk Farah down to the beach.  (Next post!)


  1. Finally, I found my favorites on IE. Sure took awhile, but well worth it. ;)
    Someday? I'd like to drive the length of the west coast on Hywy. 1.
    If I live that long!! ;)

  2. I've always wanted to drive the whole edge of the U.S. Know I will never get that done. ;)
    Lv, mom


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