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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Beach Trip - Day 2 ~

Let the Fun Begin!
Farah - morning~
Oh boy - are we having fun yet???  With Justin & Tony's handsome geldings in the corrals behind hers, Farah was distraught any time they left!  Why?  Oh Why?  Looking at her & thinking of her antic's from the night before...  I had my doubts about what kind of ride I'd be getting today!
Butch & Bruce - Coffee!  Food!  :-)
Our VBF Bruce drove down from Portland to spend a couple days with us!  It had been since last year - so we had a lot of catching up to do!  But with the sun shining & a perfect day ahead of us - it was time to saddle up & go!
 Two show princesses & the endurance pony!  Lynelle on Izzy, Connie & Farah, Dena & Bella
We found Dena & Lynelle ready to head out too - so away we went!  The plan was to ride the dune trails all the way to the southern jetty - then come back on the beach.
The Three Amigo's
There is absolutely nothing on earth like riding on the beach!  Even in the strong winds - the sound, the surf, the air - everything is so fresh, new & raw that the impact effects you to your very soul.  The friends you ride with become your soul mates - the horses feel it too.
We head north~
Each day we'd ride out in the morning & again in the evening.  Too beautiful to not be out there~

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  1. I have never ridden on the beach....that too is on my list of things to do. OH! I did ride on the beach of a lake, and it was windy and there were whitecaps....but I want to ride on a REAL beach! Love the pictures of the Three Amigos! You all are so blessed!


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