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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tough Enuf~

On the trail/road
I didn't want to ride today, I've not wanted to do much of anything...  I still hurt.  When I called Linda - she was already in the saddle!  Lynn had family stuff to do - so I just bucked up, saddled up & headed up to Victoria.  Just as we got out on the trails, the sun burned through the cloud cover, but it was off/on again sun - which was fine, since it was a humid day.
The Goatsbeard is now in bloom~
I think it's a beautiful plant, nice leaves & the blooms are so pretty & give a different look to the woodlands.  I used my Supracore pad today, under my saddle & Farah again seemed to be moving out really well.  What a nice feeling it is to be sitting correctly in the seat, not tilted to the front, as I had been for so long. 
Farah enjoying the grass~
Even with my stopping a couple times to adjust the saddle & check how it was sitting - we made good time.  I found that mounting, annoys the big muscle that must have been pulled in our fall on my left side.  I have a new hard lump at the end of my collar bone on the right side - the side that hit the ground & that's sore too - but heck - I'm Ridin'!
Cloud cover low over the foothills~
The clouds dropped low as we were leaving the top of the ridge.  Then we headed down to the lower section & looped around.  The Salmonberries are So ripe & rain washed!  Farah did some very nice sidepassing so that we could both partake!
Newly dozed road
On our way back, we found this fresh work being done, where there was an old logging road before.  I'd tried to take it once & couldn't get through.  No idea what's up - but I'm sure it will have something to do with more logging.  If it opens up a new route - that would be good too!

We were back at the trailer by 6 - late for us, a few vehicles parked in the trailer parking - all with bike racks - guess none of them can read...  Too tired to write my usual "friendly" note about not parking there.


  1. Did you go to the chiropractor yet, miss? You oughta! Really glad that new saddle is treating yall right :)

  2. No - will think about that. Jury is still out on the saddle...


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