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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Beach Trip - Odds & Ends ~

Of course there are those photos that don't really fit into any "story line" -  I have to post - just because!  :-)
Rascal playing cards with Butch :-)
We'd bought a book & have taught ourselves to play rummy.  Bruce showed up & told us that the way we were playing was just plain wrong!  When we said we'd bought a book - his reply was that it was obviously a book written in China!  :-)  If not by Hoyle then how could the rules be correct?  When you pit a Norwegian against a Swede - you can imagine the discussion that ensued!  Finally Butch said he would play by "his" rules & Bruce & I could play by Bruce's!  Guess who won???
That cloud bank~

Looking NW
Farah grazing around our camp site~
My view~
It was a golden trip, golden days & star filled nights!  Peace, quiet, friends, horses...  We all loaded up on Sunday morning & hit the road for home.

None of us who know Janelle - can ever thank her enough for making us into one large family!  More of a daughter to me that just a friend, those hugs are something that I don't get often enough...  The work she goes to planning this trip - making it happen & keeping us all within her inner circle of friends is beyond value!  We returned home refreshed, renewed & happy to have had such a fine time!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your Beach Trip! It sounds like so much fun and I really do envy your circle of friends....but in a totally good way! :-)


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