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Friday, June 6, 2014

Beach Trip - Day 3 ~

Connie & Dena~
On this day, there was a trip to Tillamook planed that Lynette took advantage of, so that left Dena & me to do some more riding :-)  Butch filmed our little morning gallop down the beach.

It was another beautiful day!  We'd ridden all the way south to the jetty on the dune trails, which are beautiful!  I'd taken photos with my saddle camera - but have somehow managed to delete them when going through all the photos from three cameras & my smartphone.  These trails are used by the Wrangler who has the horse concession at the park.  We were all impressed with the string of horses that they were using.  It was after noon by the time we'd come back north & met Butch to get a little video.
Farah just seems to love digging in & going up this dune, so this time I let her have her way!  :-)  Fun for us both!

Bruce had to leave for home, so Butch & I had a late lunch then sat out soaking up the sun!  After dinner, everyone was ready for another ride, so we saddled up & headed out on the trails again.
On the Trail~
The late afternoon was such a nice time to ride, the winds would die down & with the long days, if we could have found more trail - we would have ridden it!
Dena & Bella lead the way~
Here we're coming to the area where there's an arena, really nice - but watch for rocks!  We were only out for a short while, Lynelle's mare Izzy didn't seem too happy to be on the trail & kept trying to turn back.  Once back in camp - Lynelle realized that the mare was having a reaction to her shots!  Poor girl - her hip swelled & by later - she could hardly walk.  Tough mare - with good care, hosing, walking & a few drugs for pain - she was much better the next day, but not ready for the beach gallop that Lynelle had hoped for :-(

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  1. I love the picture of the two of you riding on the beach. I could almost hear the waves and wind.....


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