Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Note:  I revamped the title of this post :-) 
Linda & Count~
Our schedules collided!  Yes!  In a good way & we got out for a ride!  The day looked like it was going to be warm & I was already wondering if my new electrolyte pills would be up to the challenge.  Linda asked me what I planned to do when things really warm up & I didn't have an answer.  I know I rode a lot last Summer & sure hope to do the same this one!
Huge Fungi on a dead tree~
Trails have always been Linda & my thing, with Linda knowing them better than anyone, I'd asked for shade & shade is what I got!  Wonderful!  But after a few heavily overgrown trails - my nerves were up?  I kept trying to see the trail where the trail was not to be seen...  The more I didn't see it - the more I worried to the point of sheer ridiculousness!
At the Monument
As you can tell from the photo above, it was amazingly beautiful up on top.  We had lunch & I took photos of a nice couple who'd hiked up.  Then I begged Linda to find a way onward that kept us off the overgrown trails.  No problem, we're cruising along through the woods when suddenly - Farah does a 180!  I turned her back & asked her to approach the scary object - a hoodie that some one had tossed over a short broken off tree.  Again she flew around, almost knocking into Count - who decided that if Farah thought it was That scary that he should do what she was doing & between the two of them we both about lost our seats!  :-)  I dismounted, took the hoodie & threw it at her - she didn't even twitch a muscle - just looked at me with the "OK- I was pretty dumb..."  look. 
The Peaks~
The peaks that I'd hoped Robin would see yesterday - were certainly out today!  You can almost see the snow melting!  We spent most of the ride catching up on all the stuff-of-life that keeps things interesting.  Linda checked out my shoulder & told me that if I hadn't noticed by now that it's all mashed in - that it was about time I did!  I took her advice & called her recommended chiropractor - actually getting an appointment for tomorrow!
The Meadow & growing bio-fuel hardwood trees~
We finished off our ride by late afternoon.  Farah was again in season & not inspired - just very happy that I'd removed that pack & replaced it with the more streamlined version - sans water bottles.
Farah helping Linda with lawn control~
So, we trotted - did some galloping & all was well with our world :-)  A fine ride with a fine friend is a great way to enjoy a fine day - can't ask for more!


  1. Hahaha, isn't throwing stuff at your mare cathartic? ;) Glad you're getting yourself fixed up too!

    1. It Was :-) I got the idea from You :-)

  2. The background mountains with the snow are beautiful! Wow!!!!!

    Oh goodness, the dreaded horse eating hoodie on a tree! Glad to year you two kept your seat, and you also gave me an idea when something comes up here at home. Throw it at them. :-) Depending on the situation of course.


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