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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Beach Trip - Day 1 - Evening ~

Bella & Farah say;  "HI!"
Dena & Lynelle had already headed to the beach, with their horses in hand, so I decided to take Farah down too.  I put her shank on - not really thinking I'd need it.  Bella & Farah were so happy to see each other there!  Both have matured since last year - Bella now taller than Farah at five!

After sniffing & touching noses, Dena started to walk Bella down the beach.  Farah decided that was Not what she'd wanted to happen & just EXPLODED!  I didn't realize until that moment that she'd come into season again.  She began ripping around me, leaping into the air, then bucking, grunting & raising heck.  I started trying to direct her into the deeper sand, thinking that would slow her down, but no luck.  She instead threw herself down on the sand, rolled violently - then leaped up into the air & shook!  Sand flying everywhere.  I had the last 6" of the 6' lead in my hand...  she could have pulled it away in a heartbeat - but didn't...   I was really mad that I hadn't brought my stick - because a couple times she came too close to me for my comfort.
Finally, after three fast rolls, lots of shaking, rearing, bucking etc., she calmed.  At least enough that I had time to get this photo.  While all this was going on, I saw a fellow rider taking photos.  I'd though that maybe she'd gotten some of Farah's antics - but instead she did get a shot of us as I started to walk her back toward the start up the beach trail.
It's a pretty shot ~  (by Lynda Allen)
There was a Big scowl on my face!  She was circling me all the way to the dunes, going up through the deep sand, she got above me - but stood long enough for me to reach her side.  I grabbed mane at the wither, hung onto the shank & walked up on the side of the trail, while she propelled us both back down toward camp!  Once out of the worst of the wind, she finally calmed & I was Very happy to get her back in her corral!  As my amigo Dean has reminded me more than once - fit horses can be A__ 's to deal with!  So much for that walk! 

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