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Monday, May 4, 2015

MHC - Changes~

Lower Wetland~
Monday, Joyce & I met at the Morgan Horse Club to ride.  Joyce wanted to check out some of the lower trails - where we'd seen the beginning of changes a couple months ago when we were last here.
Vine Maples
The richness of the newly opened green leaves - were almost an assault to my senses, after the barren landscape of last weeks trip!  Soon, though - that changed!
Tiny guard dog~
As we came off the trail & out onto the logging roads, this area had been cleared & a track hoe was still on the top of the hill.  The small dog came barking our way - guarding the truck :-)
Joyce checking out another blocked trail~
Further on, we were following another old trail - but found it blocked.  Joyce walked in to see just how bad it was & it was bad enough that we didn't go on.
Stump farm
Back out on the roads, they're now covered in another full layer of heavy gravel, so any riding in this area will have to be slow - if at all - if you're here on a day the trucks are rolling...  We were surprised that they weren't!
On our way up~
 We headed on up to the higher loop & had a Wonderful run up the running hill - which Farah now recognizes the minute we make the turn!
Native Bleeding Heart
The day was cooling down, clouds rolling in as we came off the top.  Even with the wind, I managed this photo of the beautiful bleeding hearts!  I've tried so many times to get them started in our woods without success.  They really like the clear-cuts & organic matter.  We finished off our ride at almost 15 miles at a really decent pace too - since we'd made a few stops.  Another great ride~

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