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Friday, May 29, 2015

Whitehorse Improvements!

Pat on Khaleah, Dena & Bella
Pat & I had planned to ride today, it had been a long time since we'd gotten out.  Then Dena texted - she had a rare day off & wanted to ride!  Tomorrow Butch & I are manning the Centennial Trail Coalition booth up in Darrington.  Usually, we just promote the trail, but then I received word that the local bike representatives planned to share the booth with us, handing out their informational brochures.  It was too late to get all the BCH brochures I would like to have, but Scott was kind enough to leave a stack of Cascade Chapter brochures at the shelter for me to pick up!
Pat leads the way on the Whitehorse~
It was already getting hot by the time we were on the trails.  I was thinking shade - in a big way! 
Friends No More!
Farah & Bella used to be VBF - but No longer!  Every since Bella, for some unknown reason kicked Farah at the beach last year - Farah has decided that she no longer trusts Bella!  Bella can't figure out why Farah isn't responding to her friendly gestures?  :-)
Cleared out!
Pat & Dena were game to go see if there were any changes on the trail - just past the infamous "hole".  The lady in the house, came out to tell us that we couldn't go past her yard, but I explained that there was a sign saying that this was the future trail & that's the way we were going.  (On the return, we went up the driveway - out past the big barn, through the man gate & around the edge of the yard at Cloverdale - to avoid the issue.)
The trail has been brushed!
I'd heard at the last meeting that a section of the trail had been brushed, but Russ wasn't sure where.  Well - it seems that it's the direction that I've been waiting to go for a long while now!  Towards the newly decked bridges!
To the first of the newly decked bridges!
This was really a Wow moment for me!  The last time I got this far on this trail was with Diane, years ago...  We walked the horses across a bridge that was full of holes, hoping it would get better as we went further...  It didn't & we had to turn back.  This was before there were even sides on Tin Bridge!
Lunch spot
We stopped here for our lunch break!  Cool, breeze off the river, just a perfect spot to enjoy a perfect afternoon!  I would have gone further~
Continued brush cut back!
I'm sure that the clearing must go on at least to the second of the bridges - & two more past that are now decked.  Soon, very soon - you can bet I'll be out this way again to see just how far I can get!  From here - we turned back.  Dena had managed to loose her phone...
She had planned to do a video of us crossing Tin Bridge... So I used my camera to take this as we were crossing back.  Back at the shelter, there were several other riders - Dena hardly got the words out - when they were responding "YES"!  They'd found the cell phone!  Yippee!

I was happy that I handled the heat much better today, after my mini meltdown on Monday.  No change in my routine - so I'll just go with feeling OK & glad of it!  Perfect day - if warm!  Great ride, lots of chuckles & stories too!  :-)

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  1. Years back there used to be a woman who complained to anyone who would listen that I shouldn't be allowed to ride down the road that ran in front of her house because she didn't like horse poo on the road. This was in the middle of the country, but they were city people who just like a big yard.
    She also complained about another neighbour, 1/2 mile from her place, who had chickens & she didn't like that. Ditto for the guy with goats about 1 1/2 mile away from her. "They SMELL", she said.
    One day I stopped right at her place & told her that she ought to move back to town if she found country life & all the animals so offensive to her delicate sensibilities.
    They didn't move, but she stopped her belly-aching to other people. Probably whined non-stop to her man though. Haha Poor guy.


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