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Saturday, May 2, 2015

To the Columbia~

On our way~
This was our last day - we needed to head home to attend our friend & farrier Justin's wedding on Sunday!  Dave & Butch left camp as we did.  Dave had offered to take Butch on a sightseeing tour of the nearby towns & farms.  (Butch had helped Dave fix his tractor & the two of them hit it off.)  Scott & Barbara planned our break on the bank of the Columbia!  Really?  I'm curious again - all the way - down to the river?  Who was I to doubt them now?  :-)
Lots of rock~
Rockier than the previous days rides, we had two levels of the land to descend to reach the river.  Both the downhills were steep & covered with loose rock.
The trail goes DOWN!
Here the light color is the trail, just before it drops Down!  Barbara went down on foot to clear some of the larger pieces of rock.  The horses took their time, picked their way & the three of us were down safe & sound.
Almost to the water~
What an amazing sight - seeing that blue, blue water moving through the arid landscape.  Almost time for our lunch break & we were heading for the shade of the trees along the edge of the river.
Hawthorn Trees line the banks of the Columbia~
Many of the trees had died off, maybe from the lowered level of the river last year when the dam was repaired?  Anyway - we had some sawing to do - to make a safe place to tie the horses where they wouldn't get into the thorns.
Looking up river~
It was the most peaceful place to have lunch that you can imagine.  Warm, not too warm & just a light breeze.  After lunch, I rinsed my hands in the water of the Columbia!  Heading back, it seemed like the day & the trip itself - had gone too fast!
The way back to camp~
The trail is at the base of the far mountain, in the photo above.  Plenty of uphill & rock.
Did someone say rock?
This trail had been cleared out of a rock slide.  A more gradual accent than our decent had been!  Before we knew it, we were back on the main trail to the ranch.
Near the edge~
The view was one to remember, wide vista's, deep canyons, beautiful lakes & the river itself.  Our road-trip home was uneventful, hardly any traffic - the best kind!  
Our route~
We arrived back early enough to make a dent in unpacking.  One of those weekends that we won't soon forget, good friends, amazing trails & solid horses - again - the Best Kind!

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  1. Definitely the BEST kind of weekend! Looks absolutely beautiful :)


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