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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mooove Cows!

The tail says it All!
Finally, it works out that we meet-up with our friend Janelle, to introduce Farah to cows!  Arlene has done this before too!  Graig & Julie Ohm have a beautiful ranch where they host occasional classes, within just a few miles of us.  It was late afternoon, I had to wake Farah from a nap in the sun!
The three of us warm-up
Craig suggested we warm up in the arena first, Farah recognized her long-time friend Duke & he her!  Duke is the most experienced cow pony we know!  He & Janelle have entertained us on our beach trips with his amazing spins!
Janelle & Duke make it look easy!
Farah watched with amazing intensity!  (Butch met us there & took all the great photos!)  Soon, it was our turn to go out!
You want me to do What?
When one calf jumped up on another - I managed to retain my seat for the fast 180 spin!  But with Craig on Louie near by - she did walk into the same pen as the small herd!
Hum - they're not moving?
Craig said that some horses can take a couple sessions to walk into the herd!  I think we'll leave that for next time!  :-)  Below is the video Butch took - the tail tells the tale!  Farah would stomp her hind foot if I asked her to move further forward that she wanted to!
I should have given her more rein, but had to keep enough control to try to stop any fast action!  :-)  I wish I was built more like a long-legged Cowboy!  The swishing tail made it perfectly clear that Farah was Far Out of her comfort zone!
Time to relax~
She watched with rapt attention while other more experienced horses took there turn, then - suddenly - enough was enough & she started backing up.  I moved her over to the arena & asked for a little trot, but got a buck & a grunt!  I know her well enough now, to know when it's time to quit!

Really fun to play!  I would have Really had fun riding Topsy!  First time in a long while that I remembered those days as a kid galloping after Grandpa's herd!  I don't know how much fun Farah had - but I do know it was good for her brain!  I hope to see improvement next week!


  1. I did this with Gwyn!! They brought cows to the barn I boarded at in Snohomish. We'd previously had a very 'horrific' experience with two lesbian heifers (as I describe it) and Gwyn has been convinced ever since that cows are the devil.

    So of course we did a cow clinic :D

    We got to follow a braver leader into the cows and that really helped. By the end of the 3 hour clinic Gwyn was pushing them around like she'd never been super scared. I was so pleased I decided to do it!

    1. Good to hear of your positive experience! Hope we improve!

  2. I would love to do this! It looks like Farah did excellent for her first try. In the very beginning of the video I love how she shakes her head and backs up "This is NOT something I think I want to do!" she is saying. Good job knowing your horse and not pushing her too hard.

    We have encountered cows...because there is a woman who rides one on the trails here! Major wasn't scared at the least, but a whole herd would be a different story.


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