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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Back to Bracken & Saddle Trial~

Linda & Count in Harvey Creek~
I talked Linda into trailing over to Bracken Road for a ride today.  Several trucks & trailers were already there, it was early too.  Everyone had the same idea we did, to take advantage of a cooler day!
On my way up Burn Rd., there were actually about 100 sprinkles of wet stuff that hit my windshield!  I was wishing that they would continue - but no - it was even clearer in Arlington...  I'm having a tough time of it, watching our yard & plants drying up here at home...  To see the large trees starting to show signs of stress - I think we're all wondering when it will end & praying we don't end up like CA.  When you think back, we really had no rain last fall, not much rain during the winter - we were happy to have all that fine riding weather, after all.  We went into Spring already dry & now I think the word parched about sums it up.
The north fork of the Stillaquamish~
There's still flow in the river, but nothing like in a more normal year & last year was drier than usual for us, plenty of sunshine days.
 Last year on the 19th~
Linda enjoyed her first visit to the Whitehorse Trail!  Count started over Tin Bridge just fine, but was busy watching the swirling water below :-)  The yellow jacket sign is up - but we didn't see them today - I hope they've moved on!  We had our lunch at Cloverdale & the horses enjoyed the grazing.
Linda & Count
When we turned toward Arlington, Count hit his turbo walk!  It ended when we turned back, but he sure seemed to enjoy seeing new views :-)  Even though cool - it did warm up when the sun broke through & the humidity went up.  I was stiff & got off to walk part of the way back.
Heraldic, No fenders yet~
Arriving home, I received an email from Chloe at Reactor Panel, my trial saddle has shipped.  I'm hoping that this saddle will be the one, if they work - you keep them.  Taking a saddle on trial - costs too - shipping etc., but still better than the year long wait I had last time, for a saddle that I would have never bought had I seen it first!  Both Linda & Diane have ridden years now in RP saddles - so that helped me decide.  It will be a change - but again - if it works, I'm ready!

A few days & we'll be using Skype for the fit session & Ms. Farah & I will be trying it out! 


  1. I hope the RP does the trick for you both. It has been a godsend for Cartman and I! I did a few blog posts last spring about my trial- I wasn't certain at first after riding in a Western style seat for so long, but I joke about having the thing buried with me now! Lol

  2. I remember Karen! Need to go read through you posts again. So nice to hear that you're so happy with yours!

  3. Hope it works for you!!! I've heard some great things about them from people who it was finally the end of the great saddle hunt for them. It's such a relief when you find "the one"

  4. I do have a different model (VSD Summit) but I believe the seat is actually the same as the heraldic.... Oh, one more thing- if you get the option of Memal leather take it- it's saved my butt more than once :)

    1. Now I'll have to look at the VSD Summit! :-) But as Diane & I were talking the other day, we short ladies with short legs need something entirely different from you lucky ones with those nice long legs! :-)


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