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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth!

Opening Ceremony
It was a beautiful evening in Sedro-Woolley - even if hot - there was a nice breeze!  We headed to the beer garden, where we found the beer selection to be less than good...  For the cost of $4.00 per can - you'd think that at least there would be one brand that you could recognize or see in the store!  We heard many complaints...
Our Flag~
It's fun to sit up by the alley & pens, getting the close-up view of the riders, stock etc., but after a while, the bench got hard!  I was watching the stock in a large corral - bucking horses, two with young paint colts, in the same corral as the bulls!  The horses took one end - turning butts toward the bulls, the bulls were in the other end - facing the horses :-)  One of the youngsters just Had to go over & check out the bulls - all of whom ignored his stupidity :-)  With the setting sun in our eyes, we decided to walk around, loosen up & find a spot where we could see!  The VIP booth wasn't in use, we appreciated the shade!
Rein Riders~!
As usual the Rein Riders put on a great show!  Love the bright colors, fast riding & great coordination between riders!   Video below~

Taken from the 81st Annual Rodeo brochure;   "The Skagit Rein Riders Rodeo Drill Team was formed in 1985 & through the years has developed into one of the most entertaining and sought after rodeo performance drill teams in the northwestern states!  Their routine is nothing less than spectacular, as they are energetic, fast & full of enthusiasm and passion for what they do!"

The barrel racers were Great!  Turning in two times in just over 17 seconds!  Not One barrel knocked down!  We didn't stay for the Bull Riding - but did go check out the newest Ford Trucks!  For the $60,000 + price tags - they pretty much drive themselves & I'm Not kidding :-)  

Happy Fourth Everyone!  It's going to be another scorcher here in the Pacific NW!  Stay Cool!

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