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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Spada Lake Trail outside Granite Falls~

Pat on KH Destry& Donnie ponying KH Cam & Riding KH Rao
First, I was so darn mad - forgot my camera!  So I had to use my phone...  Pat had mentioned a couple weeks ago, that she'd found another trail a few miles out of Granite Falls.  Since close to home is always nice we made a plan to go.  Today - our schedules merged - Donnie joined us - we drove to a gravel lot just off the road, parked & started in.  Pat brought her young mare Cam to pony along - her first time away from home.
The river~
When we started it was very warm & sunny - but before long - the trail narrowed, went into the trees & stayed close to the river.  It was a gradual climb all the way - nothing steep - just gradual.
Yes, we were climbing - We think this is Pilchuck Creek
There are a couple bad spots, one short steep climb up around some boulders.  Another section shortly after where half the width of the already narrow trail had crumbled down the hillside.  Not for the faint of heart.  Farah just checked it out & trucked right on by, as did the other three horses.
On the bridge over a tributary~
There were small tributaries feeding into the river in several places.  Most would have been small water falls in a normal year - but it was still really nice to see water still flowing!  All the bridges were concrete & sound to cross.  A couple deep holes, a trail not to be taken for granted.
Large Bridge
 This is where we turned back, at just under 5-miles.  Farah loved it!  She was on best behavior, it had been a while since we'd found somewhere new.  Now I'm anxious to do some more exploring up here.  It's basically an in/out for now - but I can see a point-to-point in the future - all the way to Spada Lake!
Pat on Cam with Destry
Pat, decided to take her saddle off Destry & put it on Cam for the rest of the ride back!  Only the mare's second or third time under saddle, first time on the trail & she did just Great!  Of course a good trainer can always make it look easy & Pat hasn't lost her nack!  :-)
End of the Ride~
Cam came back totally relaxed & looked happy to be out & about.  Great way to end the ride. 
Our Route & Spada Lake
Someone told Pat that it's about 30-miles south to Monroe, Spada Lake looks closer, I'm thinking maybe 15 or 20-miles.  Definitely a place I want to go back to & explore some more - with a good map!
P.S.  My new saddle came today!  I'll be opening the box Soon!  

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