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Friday, July 24, 2015

When the Rain Comes~

First Rain~
Finally, Finally, Finally - RAIN!  It's been a long time coming...  The smell, the Sound, the moist air, the relief from the stress of that length of hot, dry days...
Front Yard~
The gold evergreen on the far left, was totally dry inside by the time I saw it droop...  I've been watering it for weeks now to try to save it.  Watering everything that miles of hose will reach.
The Barn~
There's no way to keep everything watered.  Years of planting - scared that we'd start losing the trees.   We've been giving Farah the run of the place, to keep her impact minimal.  Actually happy to only have the one horse now.
Lower pasture too - parched...
It was getting difficult to look around - never having seen our part of the state looking like this~
The Cottage~
Ben's been keeping things mowed short & that's about all we could do.  The three of us have been doing all the yard work we could, but the watering was the highest priority.  Linda reported this morning about 9:30, that she was getting rain.  Since she's about 20-miles north of us - by 10 - it was raining here!
Arizona Glow
I just had to go out & listen, watch & enjoy the show!  Rain!
Back porch~
The dogs were still snuggled into their beds, but they came out to join me :-)
Mini Red Geraniums~
Managing to keep one variety of plant alive over years & years is challenging...   Eight strong healthy plants to enjoy this season.  To keep our acreage, the woods & the plants that exist on it - healthy & thriving over time - takes commitment. 
Smoke Tree~
   Wishing for continuing rain showers for us all!

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  1. Really so happy you are getting the rain. I've never seen your grass that brown!
    Thank God, & enjoy, even if you do get wet! ;)
    Love, mom


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