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Monday, July 27, 2015

Saddle Fitting & First Trail Trial~

Checking the tree~
Thursday...  The Reactor Panel Saddle arrived!  First, we were to have a Skype fitting on Fri., my appointment at the Optometrist ran long... & no, the news of another eye surgery didn't excite me.  Next, we scheduled for Sunday - communication was incomplete...
Heraldic - Side view~
 Monday, I had to run Grandson Ben to his drivers training in the morning - by the time we'd finished lunch - I wanted - more than anything - to get the saddle on the mare & Ride!  I tried putting it together on my own & my frustration level went up accordingly...  I called the office & as luck would have it, Carmi was available & kind enough to fit me in to her already full schedule.  I ran down the hill, caught Ben's attention as he was mowing the front yard & he was my horse handler!
Panel's on~
Rather than Skype, which didn't seem to be working for us, we used photos, text & calls... Whatever works - right?  It did - Carmi was precise in her directions, watching all those You Tube Video's really had helped me - we got it done!  Pat came up with a bowl of watermelon just as I was ready to head out from home.
On the trail~
All the photos are with my smartphone, I didn't want to put anything on the saddle, scared to death that something would scratch it etc.  As usual, I walked on foot up the first big hill.  It's a good warm up for us both & gives any saddle time to settle a bit.  Stepping up into it, it didn't roll, no problem with it staying put - good!  The next thing I noticed was that Farah had her head & neck lower than usual, certainly walking in a more collected frame.
New "View"
The View - I admit was a little strange!  The seat though - what a relief to be able to sit straight - without the constant correction that my poor back has had to endure for a long while now.  I felt relaxed - even without the big bucking rolls that have held me in the seat of Linda's saddle for over a year now.
Heading back
Carmi advised me to keep the first few rides short - short?  :-)  Our short is six-miles - so that's what we did.  Farah offered to trot!  Offered!  She loves to trot - I know that well, she loves to Go - but over the past months, I'd had to ask.  She gave every time, even if it was with a buck, or lowered neck, then tossing her shoulders up as she went into the gait.  Now, I had several smooth transitions.  When I asked for a short gallop, she tossed in a buck - almost as though she was checking out how the saddle felt.  :-)

Once back home, I stepped off & have to say that not feeling the pain that I always do through my pelvis was just Grand!  Butch & Ben were both waiting when we returned & I think we were both smiling.    It was short, but it was positive...


Always Welcome~