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Friday, November 4, 2011

Khari's - AERC Equine Mileage Medallion~

Khari's 1,000 mile Medallion
For those of you who haven't seen one - (I hadn't) here it is!  In yesterday's mail was a big fat envelope from the AERC with the medallion & the certificate below.  It's engraved on the back with "1,000" but I plan to add Khari's name & the date.

On Khari's page is a bit about the history that has brought us to this milestone.  I was careful from the beginning with Khari, wanting to do everything as right as ten + years in the sport had taught me.   Going to the Bryce XP for Khari's first fifty-mile ride, the setting was the perfect place to start a young mare on a distance career.  Khari, as my second endurance mare, didn't have to endure the mistakes that a newbie rider with a competitive bent makes early on.  Named after my maternal Grandmother Carrie Fleming - Butch added the "me-home" to her registered name :-)   We both hoped that she would live up to the name & she has!  Never pulled, she has a straight list of completions right up to this milestone.  
Now, if I could somehow motivate her to give a bit more on training rides, life would be grand :-) 


  1. Congratulations! That medallion's really quite nice.

    I rode with Robin Hood for a couple hours at ROM this spring, and his rider said he's just awful on training rides. He knows they don't count and he doesn't want to do it, tyvm. He's got a perfect record too - maybe they're onto something. ;)

  2. Sounds "crazy" but thanks for sharing that! I honestly think that is part or maybe even ALL of her problem. She's just lazy by nature - Arab or not!


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