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Monday, November 21, 2011

More from the Trail Clinic~

Mark uses the barrel to keep Farah from evading the obstacle!

In answer to CG's comment, I do think we're lucky to live where we do.  I read somewhere that in Snohomish County we have more horses per capita than anywhere else in the US.  I believe it.  Some really nice stables for about any discipline that you might want to try.  It's only thanks to the tree farms that we have the incredible trails in the foothills.  There are miles & miles of logging roads up there - one of the things on my "list" is to find the names & numbers of the logging operations that have some kind of "control" over those same foothills - to see how we could possibly gain access for horses.  Area's where I used to be able to ride have been closed off with locked gates, rubble on both sides etc., making it impossible to get in.  I'm sure that it's to keep the ATV's out, so maybe there would be some chance to negotiate for non-motorized.

Janelle, organizer of our local Saddle-Up group is an amazing "Trail Boss"!   Now that she no longer works away from home & has two small children, she's turned her talents towards finding us some amazing "stuff" to do both with & without our horses!  She keeps the costs to a minimum - which makes it affordable for those who spend what disposable income they have on their horses!   Another member of our group posted this great video;  Trail Clinic - of different riders & some of the different obstacles.  At the very beginning you'll see Farah, near the end - you'll see us finally navigate the "creek" on our own!  I decided that was a perfect way to end our day!  

(Post Script) Nora hardly recognized Farah in the video, her color actually lightens in the winter!)

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