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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another Incredible Day!

Moonrise over Three Fingers~
So far, so good when it comes to November!  Much nicer than last year, who can complain about these clear, mild, beautiful fall days?  I worked raking leaves, waiting for my farrier, who was scheduled to shoe both mares.  When I went up to get Farah, I discovered that she had managed to catch a back shoe in the horse wire between the paddocks & pulled it 1/2 off!  Good timing for the shoes!  Her pastern was swollen & tender to the touch.   Art put new shoes on the front & just pulled the rear.  

I called Dean for an appointment tomorrow.  Putting a poultice on wasn't easy!  She's touchy about her hind legs anyway - so we did some dancing...  Finally - I kicked her!  That settled it!  She stood with the foot on the ground for me to wrap!  (evil grin)  I can't see any lameness whatsoever - my hopes are up that she will be just fine.

Khari's shoes were worn & it was time to get those pads OFF!  I never like to pad, but for rocky rides I do appreciate the extra insurance & the often debated shock absorbing properties of Shock Tamers.  ( I started using them when they first came onto the market, for Jas - who's feet problems were legendary).  Once Khari's feet were trimmed up & before the shoes went on  - I painted her feet with Durasole.  Her hoof walls were nice & thick.

By the time I was done with chores & heading down from the barn, the moon was coming up over the mountains.   Incredibly beautiful evening.


  1. i just ordered my 2012 washington state calendar on amazon.com. i am so far away and the monthly pics of my home are wonderful. i'm old fashioned, i write on calendars still "today it rained" and "baasha's 26th bday" and such.

    i wanted to be sure you saw my post with a pic of jas. if someone out there had a pic of my horse taken 10 years ago, i'd want to see!


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