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Friday, November 11, 2011

Of Days & Horses~

View from my Kitchen Window~
Yesterday was a special day - special you ask?  Why?  Because I knew, both from the feel of the day & the weather report, that it would be the last of the amazingly gorgeous sunshine days that we have enjoyed so far this month!  Perfection from the brisk, crisp start - to the warm glowing afternoon, then the frosting on the cake... picture perfect moonrise.

Good news for me, when I unwrapped Farah's leg, the swelling was gone!  Once at Dean's, after two trot-outs on the hill with Manuel, my favorite horse handler on the lead - it was obvious that not only was she sound, but that she is amazingly light on her feet for a mare of her size.  I've always admired horses who are light moving, but hadn't owned one until now.  Time will tell if it makes a difference with her long-term soundness.  

When I reiterated how much in enjoy riding this mare, Dean went into gales of laughter!  He reminded me that the reason humankind worked to produce so many varied breeds of horses -  was to suit the horse to the task.  
To be competitive at Endurance, we need those tough, high strung, fly along types that are usually found in Arabians.  But, when it comes to other work that we ask horses to do for us, we can find a breed suited for the work at hand.  Good at that task, suited for it, but not necessarily what we consider a "all-round" animal.  

After coffee, I went out to the stable to collect Farah.  Manuel was with her, (Top groom award at the track last season.) on his knees, at her rear legs, rubbing a salve into her scratches.  He had removed all the scuff, washed her scabs with Castile soap & rubbed in a salve used at the track.  All of this while whispering sweet nothings to her - no fuss, no muss & Ms. Farah standing through it all like an angel!   I think the "blond" girl has a new convert :-)

At this point in my life, trying to let the competitive spirit bank down a little, I've managed to find a mare that is smart, quick, swift, willing & Fun! 


  1. Connie
    Are you going to be using Farah for any endurance rides?
    Just curious, as I'm starting the hunt for an experienced rider to help me get Cartman through our first 50, sometime in the future, and it would be nice to find someone with a horse that they are just conditioning and all (I want to go SLOW!) :) Karen W.

  2. Karen,
    that's not the plan at this point. Maybe LD's. Khari though - will go the pace of the horse she's with. So, if Cartman likes lead, she would be a great companion. What kind of time/pace are you thinking about? HOTR is "relatively" easy, but requires a steady pace all day.

  3. I am glad you are enjoying her. Give her kisses for me.

  4. I was just hoping to go real slow (like tail end) on our first attempt, maybe 10+ hours? Something to keep him really relaxed and mellow- I'm pretty concerned with not letting him get racey!
    And he loves to lead, so that would not be a problem.
    Thanks for responding, I've been hesitant to ask as I don't want to slow anybody down or be a pain-in-the-behind newbie.
    I'm glad that Farah is doing well!

  5. Will do Nora - carrots too :-)
    Karen, I posted you privately.


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