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Monday, November 14, 2011

Going Up / Coming Down!

On our way~
I'm embarrassed to say How long it had been since I'd been up riding on my "own" trails.  Once Art put the rear shoes on Farah this morning, I bundled up & headed out!  Riding through sunshine, sleet, a bit of rain & a little wind -- but all well worth it!  Things had changed a lot.  A gate that gave us access through to one side of where all our trails had been, was shut again.  The little trail that I'd made around it, had been found by ATV's - so the landowner had "closed" it down.
ATV track under the newly moved in debris
Undeterred, we turned back & went out the way I usually come back.  I decided to check on the Wetland, but was amazed at how overgrown the small path was.  It also looked like someone had tried to dig a ditch, but I have no idea why.  We got around the first of the dead-fall & down the path to where small Alders had grown up.  Now they were big enough to stop our progress - so again I had to turn back.  This time, as we tried to negotiate our way around, I felt Farah's rear end drop down.  Then - she reared...  of course we all know the thoughts that race through your brain at such a time...  Just when I thought we'd be going over backward, she managed to find purchase, dropped down & pulled out!  Whew!  I didn't need the adrenalin!  :-)  Was really happy at the way she' actually kept her "cool" though - didn't thrash unnecessarily, just got us out!  Next trip I'll be packing a saw & hand pruners!  (Praise for a borrowed saddle with a secure seat!)  It was a "cookie" moment :-)

Once out on the power lines, we found an abandoned Plymouth Voyager Van with current plates.  I called 911 & reported that.   I rode down to the bottom of the hill to see if that gate was open or closed, to find it closed.  That meant going back the way we'd come.  Now I plan to call that landowner & ask for keys to the gates, otherwise my "loop" will be undo-able.  All together we were out for almost 3 hrs.  It was very chilly & very Beautiful!  
South on the power lines

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