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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Autumn Splendor~

Oak was planted for our 14th Anniversary~
Today was a beautiful, brisk, perfect fall day!  With Butch working such weird hours, we went out for an early lunch, before he left for work.  Once I was home - decided that working outside should be my "gig" for the afternoon.  Started pruning the gold leaf- red twig dogwoods that are planted along the creek in;  of course - Dogwood Gulch.  So much work!  Three bushes, that I'd let go for at least three-years.  Branches on the ground, that had taken root & branches that were almost the size of tree limbs!   Know pruning them just before winter will probably kill some of the branches off, but that would actually be a good thing!  
I planted them originally to hold up the banks along the creek, which they are doing.  With all the moles we have - the soil is loosened by their digging, which gives the low branches a perfect opportunity to root.  We'd hauled several yards of rock for that area too, but most of it has actually sunk in to the point where it's hardly visible.

After all the cutting, it's the uphill climb to the burn pile.  The Bonus - is that I now have more than enough beautiful red twigs!   I'll take the hand pruners out tomorrow & cut off all best pieces to contribute to the stash of plant material that Machias Nursery brings in for the wreath making classes.  I may use some inside for arrangements too. 

I didn't even walk up to the top of the woods today - I sure didn't need the stress.  I'm going to call County Code Enforcement tomorrow & ask how long someone can leave scaffolding up right against our fence.  I doubt anyone has ever asked that before now!   All the trees are being completely stripped of their branches on the west side.  What "buffer" we had that kept us from looking directly at the neighbor's house, is now gone...


  1. Sounds like a pretty day! Sorry about the neighbor- that can be so stressful dealing with people like that.
    Karen W

  2. What a lovely picture! Sorry your neighbor is still awful :(


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