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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ok, My Mom is Gone...

Skyla & Rascal
Skyla isn't easily fooled!  It didn't take her more than a minute to figure out that her Mom was gone!  Jentry had tried to put her down for an overdue nap - without success.  Skyla didn't fuss immediately - I took her outside & up to the Greenhouse.  I actually had planned to cut & bind dogwood branches :-)  Not!   Rascal came by to check her out, he was only a momentary distraction.  We tried a walk in the woods & swinging on the swing with the dogs, but Skyla wasn't happy.  Papa came by middle of the afternoon, grabbed her up & tickled her with his beard, but when he went to say "goodby" & was giving us a "group hug" I got a look from Skyla;  "You're Not passing me off to Papa are you?!"
After Papa left, Skyla had a little "melt-down" - a real case of the tireds...  Inside we went, I pulled up the warm flannel blanket - we sat in the comfy chair & Ms. Skyla finally went to sleep in my arms.  What a sweet warm bundle.  Thinking back, it had been over thirty-years since I'd held her Mother the same way & over eleven years since I'd done the same with her brother Ben!  Even cousin Cassidy - until now the youngest of our grand-kids just had her eighth birthday!  

After waking up a couple times, taking a look around - ( I pretended to be "asleep") the sweet little thing slept for almost an hour!  She woke invigorated & ready to play!  OK!  How many baby games do I remember?  Enough to keep her smiling & giggling until Mommy finally returned!  Whew!

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