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Saturday, April 14, 2012

50-Mile week~

Snoqualmie Valley Trail
Now that Milwaukee seems to be on my new & recently revised plans for this season, Amanda & I decided to do the long, trot flats!  Exactly what the SVT trail is good for.  With my Garmin again doing a great job of recording our ride - I'll set a link here for the stats :-)   From my Garmin "Dashboard".  Cato set a really nice brisk pace & we covered 18.5 miles in under 3.5 hours with a 5.4 average pace.  Neither horse was even "wet" at the end of the ride!  

The sun was shining, lots of people were out, but we were the only horses we saw all day.  Once at the river we took a short break to let the horses eat & drink.  The river was Way down from last time I was there, over a month ago.  Amanda was trying a new saddle, I had Khari's cinch too loose & managed to sheer the hair over her loin...  since it's never happened before, same pad, same saddle - I'm thinking that was the cause.   When we returned home, Khari jumped out of the trailer, gave a big shake, went for several rolls :-) then settled into cruising the yard grazing with her Beagles following :-)

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