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Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Mann" What a View~!

A stellar day for a view like this!  From here we headed back down & onto a "Trail from Hell" that I will never do again when we've had the rain we have had!  Only ten-miles total, but when you see the almost 4 hour ride time, you will get the "picture" of the difficulty of the last half of the ride.  The ride time included our lunch break & several short stops, but to say that the trail to the river was "difficult" would be a understatement. 
Khari & Connie
I'm pretty "game" for most trails, not known for having a lack of "nerve" - had I known what we'd be in for this day - I would have easily turned back.  I never see a point in risking a horse, let alone a "good" horse on a trail that could be physically risky to them.  This one was... the mud was the worst I've ridden in for many years - then cover it with 3 to 5 feet of water in areas 20+ feet across, with a high spot - then another of the same description, over & over again - & you get the idea.

Khari never took a wrong step & willingly entered water up to her chest, that then dropped off even deeper!  Muddy too, so you couldn't see if there were hidden obstacles...  It probably took us well over an hour of this to get to the river.  I was thankful that she's as fit as she is & prayed the entire time that she didn't pull a shoe, or damage a tendon.  
Khari is the gray - of course :-)
 The trails were very muddy, just getting up to the overlook, but once we were down & riders wanted to go to the river, that's where I would have bowed out.  Felt very lucky that Khari picked up her trot, took the lead & got us back to the trailers sound!  All's well that ends well!


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