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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Sun Came OUT!

Bracken Route
Listening to the downpour all of last night - really didn't think our planned ride for today would be a "go".  The rain finally started slacking off about 8 a.m.  No calls or email to the contrary - so Khari jumped in the trailer & we were off!  Met with Joyce & Charlotte to see how many miles we could get in & still accommodate everyone's schedule for the remainder of the day.  

Was so nice to have Joyce back in the saddle with us!  Her boy Jesse was full of himself - doing a beautiful sideways lighter than air canter!  :-)  Fancy also was feeling her "oats"!  Khari on the other hand, was being a Very Good Girl!  Just happy to be out with our friends!   We brought up the rear, taking this photo as the clouds cleared to make way for the sun!  When it did come out, it was amazing how fast the day warmed up!  Coats came off etc.

Charlotte on Fancy, Joyce on Jesse
We'd gone ten-miles & were heading back when I realized that I'd left my stick at the side of the porta-potty.  Sent the two of them on, as knew Charlotte had an appointment to make.   When I doubled Khari back, she said:  "What?  I thought we were done!"  Was so happy with her though - she hit her trot & we were moving out when she started slowing down.  Looking back, here came Joyce!  Knowing full well that as she said, I am "Directionally Challenged" - she was kind enough to accompany us back to retrieve my stick!  By the time we'd done that & returned to the trailers our mileage was just at twelve-miles.  Here's my Garmin's stats.

Khari gave me a few moments of "brilliance"!  What a thrill when she took the lead, stretched out her incredible trot & we were flying along!  Nothing finer on a fine day in the Northwest!

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  1. I was out there Wednesday--trails were dreadful, but I expected worse! And it's always good to ride, anyhow. I'm glad you got out today!


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