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Thursday, April 19, 2012

About Farah~

Farah enjoying pasture time at the GFTF
I haven't written anything about Farah for a long while now.  I've not been able to ride her either - so maybe that's why...  Dean has recommended no riding until the leg is completely covered with new hair - no bald patches, no scabs etc.  

At this point - all seems to be good news.  There are only four dime sized scabs left, all toward the top of the white sock.  The rest have fallen off & new hair is finally growing! There's no heat or swelling either - a welcome improvement.

Since rumor had it that my little "sweetheart" had become something of a witch with a "B"- & - we actually had enough dry weather that things outside weren't soaking wet - she has been allowed time in the pasture!   Polito is careful to lightly wrap the leg to keep it completely dry.  If she could talk - she would tell you how happy she is!

When I arrived today, her tail was up over her back & she was prancing & talking to the horses on the other side of the fence.  She saw me pull up & how nice to have her come over to say "Hi"!  She's such a "people" horse & I love it when she wraps her neck around me & gives me a big horsey "hug" :-)   She consumed the dandelions I pulled for her faster than I could pull them :-)

Winter's light gold coat has almost completely disappeared, with the dark golden brown taking over.  Soon, soon now - I might be back to re-conditioning my "retirement" ride!  :-)


  1. She's such a nice girl, I hope to see you together on the trail a LOT this summer!

  2. That's great! I bet she's really happy to be back outside and scratches free :) Those skin "things" can be quite the pain to deal with.


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