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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back in the Saddle~

Hazy, lazy sunshine~
 It had been over a week - since I'd been in the saddle...  With this continuing streak of incredible weather, just had to saddle-up & go out!  Decided to ride from home, taking advantage while I still can.  This time, we went up to the power lines where I let Khari graze, while I returned calls.  The Easter sugar cookies that I delivered to a friend yesterday, were a big hit!  Made me feel good that they were enjoyed. 
Looking South~
Once up on the power lines, we turned south & went back in around the orange gate.  Then, instead of going through the other gate that takes us the "short" way home, we went south again into the paved portion.  There - we found a RV, hooked up to power - with a porta potty & barking dog.   Looks like someone hired to watch over things once construction gets underway.  The area has sat undisturbed for several years now - so I sure someone is more than ready to try to make a return on all the utility & road work that had been done before the housing burst. 

Khari really picked up the pace as we made the turn that she thought would bring us around to where we head back.  I went ahead & checked it out from that side, but knew that we wouldn't be able to get through.  We turned & backtracked to an old trail that has almost disappeared at the foot of a drainage retention pond, along the creek.   It was heavily overgrown & the cottonwoods had dropped some big branches - but we made it through.
We return home to our gate & two Beagles~
The dogs didn't meet us at the bottom corner of our place, but once we were at the gate, it was plain why...  both were sleeping in the sun - waiting near the gate :-)  No, they weren't napping!  They were guarding the gate!  :-)

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