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Monday, April 9, 2012

Coming to Terms ~

Rascal & Mischief watch a pair of Seagulls
The going has been tough - each day a struggle.  I cancelled Cassidy's ride on Farah in the Snohomish Easter parade.  After months of being stalled, I felt that she's just too full of energy to be a reliable mount for our young Granddaughter - inexperienced at riding, in a parade setting with all the noise & commotion.  Instead, we worked at home all day on Sat.  Butch burnt the brush pile that had been accumulating all winter & cleaned out his truck.  I raked up at the top of the woods, finishing the last trail.  We both hauled more of the debris from the storms down & burned it too.  We sat out & watched the fire during the nicest evening we've had so far this year.
Butch & Mischief
Easter Sunday, both our girls
had plans with the "other" Grandparents, we could have fit in by doing a morning brunch, but I couldn't motivate myself, knowing that they wouldn't have had time to spend the day & that it would have been more hectic than restful.  Instead, we put the Beagles in the back seat, stopped for breakfast on the way & drove to Whidbey Is.  It's been our favorite "get-away" for almost 30-years.  Close enough that we can do the drive & still have time to relax.    We hiked the beach for a couple miles, enjoying the sunshine, breeze & smell of salt air.  We stopped a couple times to watch boats going by & I found several small agates.  

A pair of Seagulls flew circles overhead, then settled on a rock just off shore.   Something made me think of Rowdy & Kitt, maybe they were letting us know that they were near...  We stayed until late in the day.  A week since Kitt's passing.  On the drive home, Rascal came up front & laid down in my lap.  He somehow knew that I needed him... 


  1. Yeah, I know. We're struggling too, still, day-to-day.

    Let's go riding. Maybe Thursday?

  2. So sad to think of your loss too... but it's comforting to know that someone else is going through it & understands... As I told Grandson Ben, we'd had Kitt in our lives longer than we've had him... She was our "tie" to Abby & the early years here~

    A ride would be a really good~


Always Welcome~