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Friday, September 7, 2012

Hot as Summer!

Another 10-miles at Victoria
It was 85 degrees in Arlington on my way home late afternoon.  We didn't start out until about 11:30 a.m. & rode for 3-1/2 hours.  I worked at keeping my upper body back - No leaning forward!  It helped, Farah seemed to understand what I wanted & kept further back off the horse in front of her - until the little buck she tossed in that did not help my lower back!  Big horsy trouble for that!

I worked on some of the things I learned.  At every whoa - two steps back.  This engages the rear end - after a while it will become a automatic response.  Light hands!  Using my seat - putting my legs forward - the cue for a stop - to eventually teach her to stop without a pull on the reins.  I'd love that.  Paying attention to what foot is leaving under me - timing the cue as the foot leaves the ground - not after it's hit.  Making sure that when we go around those trees, that my off leg is off her side!  After all - she needs a place to move to!  Hard habit to break - because when I ride fast I tend to grip with my legs.  I also tend to lean forward.  Using stirrups that are a 4" wide platform is great for trotting over long distances, but not so great when you don't want to constantly be cuing your horse to go fast!  
Warm Sunshine afternoon
 There were more riders coming up to the Monument during the few minutes we were there than I'd ever seen at one time.   Tying their horses off to the trees, blocking the trail - etc.  When we arrived at the trailer parking, it was full too.  Guess anyone with a horse is trying to get in all the riding they can with weather like we've been having! 

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