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Monday, September 17, 2012

"Swishing through the Trees~

Another 15-mil of trails!
Yes, we're riding & riding a lot.  The weather is making it easy to remember that at least according to the calendar it's still Summer!  The sunshine is actually starting to get on the "nerves" of true Western Washington residents who are looking forward to & expecting some of those cool, crisp, beautiful days of early fall with some rain thrown in.  Linda & I both like to ride in that kind of weather & are missing it a little - still holding out hope for that perfect fall.

Christa & Dawn rode with us today - we took it easier than we have - since Christa had been on a couple weeks of vacation & Dawn was riding her husbands very nice big gelding.  It was amazing to see how this huge horse fit through the trees!  :-)  Wish I'd taken a photo!
Linda, Christa & Dawn
 With the roads rock hard, at least the trails are still soft & nice under the canopy of the trees.   On a steep up-hill, Farah - in the lead - dug in & flew up!  She has the "bottom" now to keep going even when she realized that her first burst had to be followed by a second!  :-)  I gave her a big Yippee when we crested the top & she loved it!

We did go way to the south on the old trails there;
View from the clear-cut
 Checking it out on Google Earth - I'm pretty sure we were looking east toward Mt. Washington.  There have to be old trails somewhere in-between, but it would take some dedicated trail volunteers to open then up.  Another fine ride & I never thought I'd say it;  but I'm looking forward to riding on a gray, misty day~

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