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Sunday, September 2, 2012

More of the Same!

More Trail, more fun~!
Another stellar day!  We left Linda's at 1 p.m.  Charlotte came to ride as did Suzanne.  Suzanne's big Standard-bred set a pace that's normal for his breed & it kept the rest of us moving!   What fun!  We took some of the trails that I hadn't been on for a while & went up the draw where the downed tree had stopped me a week ago.  This time, with Tim's easy step-over & Count making it look easy - I dismounted & Farah followed my direction - getting over :-)  It wasn't pretty but she did it with no fuss :-)  Chainsaw next time!  
Count & Farah take advantage of the grass!
 The afternoon was so beautiful, clear & mild that we rode for four hours.  Stopping a couple times for a break or snack - but doing some fast & fun trotting through the trees!  When we took the ridge trail - the views were again clear.
Looking Southeast toward Pilchuck
 Did we have fun?  Oh yea...  the main topic of conversation was how to make the time for more of the same for as long as this weather lasts! 

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