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Monday, September 10, 2012

Passing On The Torch ~

Rascal & Annika
I've spent the best part of two days now making up a photo book for Kittaka.  It's been a tough go.  Only a few months since her passing - looking back over the years of her life with us was a trip down memory lane.  Fourteen-years is a long time in anyone's life - including mine.  As I had to go back to photo albums - YES - real photo books, Butch came in, saw them on the table & I would hear exclamations as he too realized the changes that time has wrought.

Amazing how the trees grow, the girls mature, grand-kids appear & then they too start to grow!   Where has the time gone, well - it's right there in those pictures!  With Abby the first dog our family owned - the one that made the move with us to the Homestead in 1990, she was the beginning of the direct line of dogs who have followed.  Abby was with us the night we brought Kittaka home in Nov. 1997.  When Abby left us after a long (14-year) life full of adventure, we brought Rowdy home.   Even though Kitt was six-years old, he was the one she  loved the most, the one who bonded to me & learned the ropes from her!  She treated him as her pup, schooling, scolding & teaching him the routines that she'd learned from Abby. 
Rowdy with Kittaka - April 18, 2009
When he died so young & unexpectedly - she & I both found it hard to move on...  But moving on is what life is about;  so next was Rascal.  He has been a different kind of Beagle - independent to a fault, not necessarily in need of much attention, but again - at age eleven - Kitt decided that it was up to her, to make a dog out of him.  She didn't give him the love or attention that she had Rowdy - but she made darn sure that he figured things out or paid the price!  :-) 
Kitt with Rascal - November 1, 2009
 Eventually, as Kitt continued to age - Rascal became more important to her.  Her ears, her eyes, her companion & help mate.  Rascal stepped up to the task too - if not with her, he would be close by.  With her loss, then the loss of Mischief so closely following - Rascal had an unwelcome taste of what it felt like to be lonely - the only Beagle, the only dog...  We all had some very tough times.

But then... along came Annika.  A different kind of dog & yet - there was something about her, something that we recognized?   An independence, a happy outlook on life, a way of smiling when she sees us.  Without any way of knowing - she somehow seemed to sense what was missingRascal has been training her of course, in his way - but there are some things...  The way she seems to like the same special spots in the yard, a little of the look - when she runs to greet us, just to see that flash of gold again when I'm walking the woods.

This afternoon though - when I looked out to see, then grabbed the camera to capture the moment - it's a picture of life here on the Homestead making a full-circle.  A good day, a fresh, sweet breeze from the cleansing, welcome rain of last night~


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    1. Annika is such a pretty dog. I can see a similarity between her and Kittaka, although she doesn't have that "wise" look that Kittaka has in her photo, yet anyway!

  2. This is my favorite thing about animals. Painful as it is to lose them, there is ALWAYS another one who needs you and will become just as special to you as the one you lost (each in their own unique way). Your photos show this so well. Annika looks like a really neat dog and the way life brings us what we need (if we are open to it) is truly amazing. Thanks for an inspiring post--many good wishes to you and yours.


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