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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Bright Ride!

Dena & Bella
We'd made plans a few weeks ago to ride with our friends Dena & Farah's VBF Bella!  :-)  Why these two mares, usually standoffish to other horses have decided to be friends is unknown to us mere humans...  but they are.  When I loaded Farah & told her we were going riding with them - I know darn well she recognized the names!

First we met up at the Bracken Gate of the tree farm.  It was a beautiful morning - if you like blazing sunshine, heat & humidity - which I don't! :-)  Even so - it was a Ride morning so that mitigated the weather!

Our thrill of the ride came when we saw a Turkey Vulture perched on a snag.  As I was getting out my phone for a photo, it took to the air & Bella was suddenly almost in our laps!  :-)  Dena said she could feel her hear pounding under the saddle!  Next - a huge hawk took to the sky!  They'd been feeding on something & we counted eight birds in the air circling!  After going on one of the few "loops" that I've memorized, we drove down to Haller Park - Dena decided that she wanted the "Bridge Experience"!

First, over the Big Bridge!  It's a scary place - especially with the river below full of kids, parents, teenagers - anyone wanting to cool off in the low waters of the Stillaquamish!  Bella was Very Brave & over we went!   Next we rode on north - to the Arch for the mandatory photo!
Dena & Bells - Where Trails Meet!
When I mentioned the Tin Bridge, Dena was up for the ride down the Whitehorse to see it.  It's a long haul on heavy rock - but most of it was in the shade & we found water for the horses.  This bridge gives a different feel from the Big one.  It's my favorite - so we decided on lunch at the far end.  We tied the mares & they stood with lower lips hanging while we made sandwiches from Dena's farm fresh eggs!  Yum!
On the Tin Bridge
The fencing on this bridge as been an item of discussion since it's installation - no one realized that silver was being installed - until it was on...  Black would have been much kinder to the look of this historic bridge.  Back the way we'd come - it seemed longer this time - I was ready to melt, even in my new shirt from Ex-Officio - which I do think helped!
Right on across we go!  :-)
 It was almost five p.m. by the time we returned to the trailers!  17+ miles for our day's ride!  Just plain nice to get out - ride - & enjoy a Summer day!  I stopped in town to pick up take-out for dinner.  Butch has figured out that can happen when we ride all day!  Pulling in the yard to the welcome shade of the forest, I stripped Farah's saddle & hosed her down - even though she'd hardly broken a sweat!  She galloped out to the pasture & had a good roll!  

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