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Monday, August 12, 2013

Farah Gets Floated!

"No!  Please - NO!"  :-)
Farah;  "Why oh why do humans think it funny when we're drunk?  Then - when they get us drunk - they torture us!"   Brandi Holohan DVM, of Philchuck Vet did an outstanding job of continuing the good work that Sarah Owens DVM, started just a year ago - at Farah's first float.  I knew we'd have some issues - since I had not followed through by scheduling a second check-up six-months after her first exam & float.  Could a year have gone by so fast?
"What?  You're washing my left-over food out?!"
Luckily - my lack of follow-through didn't contribute to any further problems.  She did have some areas that needed attention.  Her last two molars have erupted through & are in the process of settling in with the rest of those big lines of teeth.  She did have a sore inside her cheek :-(  I asked to feel inside her mouth both before & after the work was done.  The before - did not feel as good as I'd hoped - but the after was Very Nice & Farah I'm sure will able to get the most from each mouthful of hay!  It had been just a year - but a year was too long.  Now we'll have a follow-up visit in two-months to see how things are with a pocket between teeth that could have caused further problems if not addressed now.
This is Not a Smile!  :-)
I like to have more than one Vet do teeth early on - it's always nice to get another opinion & to find out that all was normal for a seven-year old mare!  Long gone are the days when the local Vet came out to our farms & did a float for $100.  But - with the new anesthetics & equipment - it's safer & the work is superior to how things were done in the past!

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  1. thanks for the reminder, Cartman is overdue for a float.


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