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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Not as Planned~

Lord Hill 6-mi.

Lynn & I had planned a ride with our good friend, but she had a farm emergency that kept her from heading out this morning.  We arrived at Kathryn Taylor with three horses - to find that our friend would not be joining us...  Sad news...

With one horse too many - Lynn decided to take Bizy home, I was going to stop by our oldest daughter's house, to get some ideas for Grandson Mason's upcoming birthday bash!  Kisses from all - then drove on over to Lord Hill where Lynn met me.  By now it was close to noon, hot, humid & we felt pretty lazy.
Top of the hill~
The trails are rock hard, dry & compacted.  Both mares were slipping even at a walk.  The shade was so welcome, cool & dark.  We walked, we talked & we spent a couple nice hours enjoying the day.   No wildlife, a few riders that were leaving as we pulled in - they'd beat the heat!

I put in a call to Pilchuck Vet today - asking about the cost of having Farah's teeth done.   I'm pretty sure that she has an issue, since when removing the bit I need to be very careful or she raises her head.  At first the quoted price was over $300.  When I asked why I had to pay a "set-up" fee when I was hauling in - I was put on hold.   (Just the "haul-in" fee is $40.  I guess that's to park your trailer?  :-)  Good news - the fee for equipment set-up would not be charged - knocking almost $100. off the original quote.  I set an appointment for next Monday.   This will be her third float & I'm hoping to see improvement on the few issues that we've worked on.  Now - watch - Monday will be cool & a perfect riding day!  :-)

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