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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hot Summer Days~

The view west~
We headed out on a trail leaving from the Morgan Horse Club.  It was warm, the bugs were very busy bugging us!  As expensive as bug repellant is this year - it doesn't seem to work any better~!  Joyce wanted to cover some ground, so we did!  Going out & about until we dropped down a long hill to Hwy 9, at the place where the new bridge over the Philchuck Creek is under construction. 
Bridge Construction
Construction under way!
Shortly after we'd turned back & about half-way up the climb, we met a nice gentleman & his friend who were hiking from "Uncle Tom's Cabin" out the way we'd just come.   They were planning on being picked up once they reached the highway.  We had a nice big long steep hill ahead of us.  Farah & Target trotted, trotted & buckled down to trot some more!
Today's route~ 16+ miles
You can see it easily - it's so straight!  We really enjoyed the shady sections, but on the way back - someone had come in & cut a lot of Alder down.  Most were cut so that they fell away from the trail, but finally - we came up to a wall of branches & leaves - tree down :-(  I didn't have my saw in the saddle pack - but we managed to lift it up enough for the horses to squeeze under.  Next time we'll have the work of cutting it out.  I don't know whether the tree farm employees do this work, or it's subcontracted out.  May try to call & ask.  Such an easy thing to drop them so they land Off the trail in most places...  Doubt they'll bother to cut or haul them out.

What an amazing Summer we've been enjoying! 

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