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Friday, August 9, 2013

There are Those Days...

Target & Farah
When you need a good ride...   With a good friend...  & today was one of those.  It's Friday, it's sunny, it's hot & it was nice to trot through the shade of the trees with Farah on a loose rein & just cruise!   I think I love cruising more than about anything you can do on a horse :-)  It's those occasions were the footing is good,  the trail is windy, the wind is in your face & you can feel that you & your horse are a Team!
Today's ride in the middle of the Centennial & Whitehorse Trails
When we arrived at the parking area, before noon - it was already almost full of trailers!  Lots of horsemen out to enjoy another beautiful Summer day.  There was even a Rocky Mountain horse there!  :-)  That's what Farah is most often mistaken for.  We covered almost 12-miles & it didn't seem like enough.
Look warm?  It was, but the Olympics were a thin white line on the horizon.
We had a good discussion about horses, buying, selling & finding the right one.  I could never have someone else "find" a horse for me.  I've found plenty that haven't worked - but I have to Be the One to decide what I want to try!  My mentor has said more than once that if you are lucky enough to have one exceptional horse in your lifetime, you're very lucky indeed.  I've been Very lucky - as Farah is my second.  To think that she's attained this status at such a young age says volumes for my regard of her.  The goal remains the same - to keep her sound, happy & healthy for many, many years to come.

Sorting things out, since our last "Limited Distance" Ride - I've come to realize though I am competitive - it's becoming more about the miles of marked trail & fresh beautiful scenery that draws me.   I can understand why some riders just follow Duck around on his route - ride, rest & ride again.  Close to the best the sport we call "Endurance" has to offer.

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