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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Blanchard Revisited~

Today's Loop
The more research I do on this area - surprisingly - the more I find out.  An area that conversationalists have been trying to protect - for many years now - with the "Blanchard Mountain Agreement".   This trail system is just over fifty-miles north, but worth the drive.  Charlotte invited me up for a ride & it had been a long while since I'd ridden there.  Farah's first time, I think.  Khari & I used to ride here with Diane & Elation.
Charlotte & Aliento check out the map~
Today - we were on a schedule, so had just enough time to do a nice loop & check out the trails.  I'm hopeful that I'll be riding them again this coming Monday - when I'm scheduled to join the "Best of America on Horseback" group for a ride to Lizard Lake that will eventually air on TV.   Either lunch or dinner is included - it was a little pricy - but I'm hoping for Farah & my two-seconds of fame!  :-)  Of course in the deep shadow of the woods, Farah's color blends right in!

In 95-97 I worked for a Broadcast & Industrial Video Equipment company in Everett - so I'm looking forward to seeing what equipment will be used & how the camera crew will go about filming a large group of horsemen on narrow trails :-)
The trails are stunning - some degree of difficulty in places, where large rock cover the width of the trail - slippery when wet!  Not a problem we had today!  It was very dry & trails were as hard-packed as most I've ridden lately.  We saw a few hikers, a few on their mountain bikes - but everyone was pleasant & friendly.  From what I've been able to gather - this mountain & the recreational opportunities it holds are still threatened by possible development & continued logging - that supports the Skagit Valley economy.  Someday - maybe these counties will wise up & realize that tourism & recreation can & usually do - contribute many dollars to local economies.  Read here to see what the future may hold for this area.

Not far down the trail, Farah broke into a light sweat - unusual for her - then some foam on the neck.  After a few miles she was again dry.  I think it may had something to do with the anesthetic that she received yesterday for the float - now helped out of her system by a good ride & bath after! 


  1. We used to go riding around up at Blanchard all the time when we lived near there. I MISS that place, it's such a nice ride. We were just there for the first time since 2011 a couple weeks ago. In fact, my profile picture was taken on that recent ride at Lily lake.

    Sad to hear they might be doing more logging an development up there. It's become such a popular hiking/riding/bicycling/hang-gliding place for so many people.

    I love your blog BTW!

  2. Thanks Laura~! Next time you're up this way - let me know!


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