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Friday, August 23, 2013

Cloudy, Cool & a Breeze!

Just as described~
 Joyce & Joe invited me along for this ride & I was happy to go.  We met again at the MHC & headed out to find a few of the lower trails that Joyce hadn't used for a while.  One had been logged - the trail had become the logging road - but still took us around & into the woods.  We felt lucky today - to be able to be out & riding in this kind of weather.  It was really humid & didn't take long at all for the horses to be soaked with sweat, Farah looked almost black.
"Looking" west at our loop today - the lower red "loop" & back at our Stimson Hill Ride in June.  Way back to the east, is the red line of the Darrington end of the Whitehorse Trail~
The pace was pretty fast, all three horses feeling good in the cooler weather & the breeze dried the sweat quickly.  Once or twice we felt rain drops, but never did get any actual "rain".  Joyce & I have seen a beautiful, large Blue Heron on one of the wetlands that we ride by, the last three times we've been in the area.  I was hoping for a photo of him today - but he surprised us & was roosting on the far side of the road, where we didn't expect him.  Was still a thrill when he took flight right in front of us!
View of Mt. Washington
When we came to the trail where the Alders had been cut down, Joe pulled out his clippers & cut the branches, while I tossed them off the trail.  Both Joyce & I had our saws - but we didn't need them!  Nice to get that out of the way.  Seemed like the over 12-mi. that we did wasn't enough - but it was sure good to be out & I sure enjoyed the company! 

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