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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

American Beauty Day~

Clouds over the Cascades
It's been just a perfect day in Washington.  Dena had asked if I had time to ride today - so of course I said "yes"!  We don't seem to get together often enough & when we do, Dena is always game for the longest ride I can toss her way :-)  She & Farah's VBF Bella have come on a couple adventures with us, always up for wherever we go!
Dena & Bella in the Pilchuck Creek
Today, I decided that a ride to the river would be nice, Bella wasn't too sure that she should be going into that moving water - but she did - even shaking like a leaf.  Finally - she seemed to notice that Farah was totally relaxed & began to relax & enjoy the water.  She'd open her mouth & drop her entire nose - past her nostrils into the water.  Farah too enjoyed the water swirling around her legs, but was still alert. 
Thanks for the photo Dena~
Do you see something Farah?
 It was a low key ride, we covered over 16-miles & Dena did some nice trotting even in her western saddle - when she's been riding dressage.  These two mares formed a friendship of sorts when they first met - today there were a couple "I might kick you" threats - but nothing serious - Farah just wanted to be darn sure that Bella didn't steal any of the pumpkin seeds that we were eating.  :-)
Back at the Trailers...
When we got back to our trailers, late this afternoon, I noticed that I had a new neighbor!  Who could it have been?  :-)  Just that red head from Monroe coming up to ride in my backyard!  :-)  I left her a note to call me next time!  :-)

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