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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dappled Sunshine!

As the title says~
It was a spectacular afternoon.  Lynn came up to ride at Bracken with me & Jack again kept an eye on the trailers - which is so nice.  There were a couple other riders there & lots of piles of manure that no one seems to be picking up.  Why - I have no idea...  When we're given such an amazing place to ride, you would think that riders would value it enough to keep it clean...
A view of the Green!
Lynn likes trails, so we took about any trail that looked interesting & went through places that I haven't been in a long while - it was just stunning in the deep woods.  We meandered here & there - finally going out to see my bridge.
The North Fork of the Stillaquamish
There is still a lot of water moving through - still a lot of silt in the water too...  I have to wonder how long it will be before the river channel cleans itself - or if it will have to be dredged in the slide area to handle the flow in the winter months?  We went on across & had our lunch at the current end point of the Whitehorse.  Rumor has it that with some of the federal funds that Darrington will receive there might be enough to do some of the decking on the bridges.  Getting the trail open would be a boon to the local economies of both Darrington & Oso.

Home in time to give Farah her bath & for her to enjoy pasture time in the warm sun.  We'd hoped to go visit Sandy & Ody this week & ride their trails, but the weatherman is saying thunderstorms & rain for the next couple days - which of course was when we'd planned the visit.  Since Sandy has been tempting me with the word "views" - I want to be sure I get to see them when we do go!  Delayed for now - but not forgotten!

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