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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Exploring We Go!

A rare planting of Western Red Cedar~
Lynn made the drive up to ride at Victoria with me today.  It was another picture perfect day in May!  Not too warm, nice breeze keeping the bugs at bay, blue skies & fluffy white clouds.  More than once we said it was like riding through Narnia!
A trail winds through it~
After my ride here last week, I had a plan for finding the way to the southern trails.  So instead of heading up the hill to the Monument & views - we started out at the bottom, wound around - then found a trail that headed the direction I though I wanted to go.  At one point, there was a large tree down across the trail - I got off to see if we could get around, next thing - I have my mare right up next to me!  Then - past me - over the branches - breaking them as she went - she made it all the way through - with me still on the dumb end of the reins! (A Deanism :-) Well!  I guess we're still in business!  Sophie - not to be outdone, carefully picked her way through, Lynn still in the saddle!
Growing fungi
I was amazed when we came out on the roads that I recognized from the day a couple years ago that Linda & I had gotten this far out.  From that point on - I told Lynn that we'd play it be ear & I still wanted to head south - my goal - to get to the river!
Pilchuck Creek
We could hear it before we saw it & found a small trail - very overgrown that went down the steep hill, water lapping at the small shore.  Those waves had Farah stopped - but my heels at her sides convinced her to go in.  Once she was in, she had no problem moving further out at my urging.  The water was so clear - it was easy to see that it got deep in a hurry!
Thanks for the photo Lynn!
It was so beautiful - Farah stood in water up to her knees & seemed to enjoy the current swirling around her legs.  Finally - we turned back & climbed back up to the top.  We checked out a couple other trails & found one that put us out at a spot I knew - so lucky for Lynn - I was back on track to finish our elongated loop & get us back to the trailers!  :-)

Incredible gift of a day & a really nice ride!

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  1. Cedar plantings are rare around here I think, they'll be beautiful. Love the fungi photo :)


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