Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Disney" Dave & Francis - Travel North!

Wasn't too hard :-)  for David & Francis to talk me into a ride!  They were willing to drive up - so that always makes it hard to refuse :-)  The weather too, seemed to want to cooperate - the clouds were clearing & the sun had appeared by the time I arrived at the glass school parking.  (Side note - I was Very disappointed in the shape of the gravel parking.  Several piles of manure left behind - one Full of Worms!  Disgusting on All Counts!)
There was a little delay - they had waited for a third rider - that didn't make the ride.  So, Farah grazed & I ate Salmonberries!  Once they were saddled, horses booted etc. we hit the trails.  As with every rider I take on the tour - we headed for the Monument.
  Even with the low clouds, there were views to be had!
With the Monument :-)
I asked these two how far they wanted to go & they were game for my entire loop - so after the views, we started the long downhill - then onto the green trail & out onto the Scott Mainline.  After that - there's the climb back to the top.  David said he'd been looking for elevation & I've been telling him for a long time now that it was easy to find :-)  This day - his quest was completed by the time we'd gotten back up to the top!

Farah was on the make - I couldn't believe how much I had to hold her back & she blasted up the hill like a sprinter.  I was disappointed that the white peaks of the Cascades were under the clouds.
Final View
Mt. Rainier too, wasn't out...  We covered almost 18-miles & the sun was getting low on the horizon by the time we were coming back.  Once home - it was late enough that I didn't want to wash Farah - so I gave her a quick brushing.  She went into her run - hit the ground, did a very quick, forceful roll - both sides - then jumped up like a cat & was back in her stall waiting for Butch to serve her dinner!  Butch downgraded my dinner out to picking up pizza on the way home :-(


Always Welcome~